German Technology; Exquisite Craftsmanship
Focusun ice making system mainly consists of ice maker machine, ice storage room, ice conveying system, ice weighing and packing system. The integrated equipment system greatly helps optimize the working process and bring excellent user experience to clients.
Environmentally Friendly; Energy Saving
Focusun cold room and blast freezer adopt direct refrigeration method and environmentally friendly refrigerant. We devote ourselves to providing the most suitable ice cooling solutions for clients.
4-stage Cooling; Stable Performance
With perfect design and superior quality, Focusun water chiller wins high praise from customers. Its advantages are especially highlighted in enhancing production efficiency, improving product quality and reducing costs.
Excellent Design; Low Failure Rate
We devote ourselves to designing and providing the most suitable snowmaking system for customers. And rich project experience gives us abundant confidence to bring perfect user experience to clients.
Compact Arrangements; Easy Installation
Focusun dynamic ice storage system produces ice with dynamic subcooled water and can control the thickness of the ice. Advantages such as high heat exchanger efficiency, fast speed of ice making, compact arrangement of units and low energy consumption are highlighted.
Safe and Efficient; Reliable Performance
With years' experience in designing concrete cooling project, Focusun provides sophisticated cooling solutions. By paying close attention to every step in concrete cooling, we successfully solve problems for our clients.
High Flexibility; Easy Maintenance
Mature technology, rich project experience and successful cases make Focusun strongly confident to provide the most suitable and excellent coal mine cooling solutions to clients all around the world.