Many factors need to be taken into consideration when building an ice plant. Focusun will provide you with scientific solutions as long as the best technical support.

Only five steps, Focusun will offer the suitable ice plant project.

  • Step1. Tell us your purpose of building an ice plant.
  • Step2. Do market research and know about potential needs of customers.
  • Step3. Make financial analysis and profits evaluation.
  • Step4. Focusun recommends you the fittest ice makers and other related equipments.
  • Step5. Install ice maker machines and run the ice plant; Make profits.
  • In order to offer you the most suitable project design of ice plant, we recommend that you do a thorough research of estimated land and labor cost of the site.

Following are important factors of designing an ice plant. We list them here for your reference.

  • Daily (in 24hrs) production capacity of the ice plant.
  • Ice storage place and capacity.
  • Uses of ice and sales channels.
  • Preferred type of ice. Assumed your choice is block ice machine, the size and weight of ice block should be considered.
  • Local manpower resource in the site area.
  • Cost of water for ice producing.
  • Cost of modified van with refrigeration system.
  • Information about electricity supply like voltage, frequency, phase, maximum starting current allowable etc.
  • ……

With all the required detailed information, Focusun provides you the best project design with lowest costs.