Focusun snowmaking machine can work in any season without being affected by temperature. Nowadays, snowmaking machine is widely used in many fields like spa center, sauna snow room, indoor snow park, snow world, exhibition center hall room area, snow playground, aquarium, snow theme park, amusement park, etc. Though it needs certain initial investment at the beginning, it will bring generous profits when comparing the cost with income.

Superior Advantage of Snowmaking

In term of the quality of snow, snowmaking technic has great advantages. After losing its crystal structure, natural snow will become sphere and cannot be shaped again. Snowmaking technic can keep the snow in good quality for a long period and make it resistible of the effect of heat, light source and sublimation. The vitality can be regained if cover the natural snow that already lost crystal structure with snow produced by the snowmaking machine.

Focusun Snowmaking System

With years' experience, Focusun professional technical team can offer you stable and reliable snowmaking system according to your specific requirements. Firstly, the flake ice maker machine turns water into flake ice. Then the ice is crushed with the help of ice crushing system. At last, the air conveying system transports the ice out, creating a snow falling scene.

Features of Focusun Snowmaking System

  • The snow making capacity is adjustable according customers' own needs, ranging from 1 ton to 5,000 ton.
  • The snow making system is not affected by different ambient temperature, inlet water temperature and humidity. It can work all around the year.
  • The maximum transportation distance of snow is 300m, and the straight-line distance of snow blowing is 25m(the angle of snow transporting pipe and ground is 45°)
  • All snow making system equipments are installed in a container, reducing the noise effect of machine during operation and construction cost of building the site in advance.
  • Focusun snow making system is equipped with monitoring security system based on WEB technology and it keeps monitoring the working condition of the machine in 24 hours.

Focusun devotes itself to develop the most suitable snowmaking system for customers. And rich project experience gives us abundant confidence to bring perfect user experience to clients.