We recruit a certain kind of person, a self-starter who is as passionate about the company and what it does as we are, someone who is creative, dynamic and determined to make a difference. We expect you to be that person. We are in a position to be the best in the world. To get there, we need people who believe they are the best in the world.

There's no set path here. We'll give you chance, support and know-how to develop your career in the direction that most interests you. We believe that's the best way to maximize your own potential and, as a result, our clients will benefit most from your work.

At Focusun, you're not defined by the area of the business you work in. Instead, you'll get incredibly varied experience, get to know people from all sorts of backgrounds and explore different facets of our business. Our recruiting and development philosophy to "build from within" fosters a strong culture of trust and shared experiences. We value what Focusun people do and regard them as the most precious treasure of the company.

Welcome to join us: careers@focusun.com