Coal is one of the daily main energy sources. In view of the great demand, the mining depth is getting deeper. When mining in the deep position of the coal mine, the temperature of the rock gets higher and the heat damage on the working area becomes more serious. The temperature of many working area exceeds 28℃ and some even over 34℃. Research reports show that there will be negative effect on workers' health when the temperature gets more than 28℃ and solving the problem is already an urgent issue now.

Methods of Coal Mine Cooling

There are two major ways of coal mine cooling, including mining technique and mechanical refrigeration technique. The former is to pre-cool the coal seam by aeration-cooling or reforming coal mining technics. The latter is to cool down through ice machine. Though mining technique method is more economical, it has limited effect, only cooling down by around 2℃ and cannot meet the coal mine cooling requirements. Currently the most effective cooling way is adopting ice machine system.

Focusun Coal Mine Cooling System

Focusun provides leading coal mine cooling system and designs customized solutions which can lower the temperature under the mine effectively and assures safety of workers. Years of project experience and numerous successful cases brings us confidence to provide the most suitable mine cooling system.