Concrete is one of the main civil engineering materials and is widely used in many fields. The feature decides that concrete needs to be mixed under a certain temperature in case of the deformation of wall because of the phenomenon of expansion caused by heat and constraction caused by cold. Building a whole concrete cooling system is essential to every project.

Necessity of Concrete Cooling System

During the concrete mixing process, the phenomenon of heat of hydration discharged much heat and makes the concrete expand, especially when the ambient temperature is high. Later when exposed in the low ambient temperature, the inner volume of concrete will decreased and there will be fissures because of constraction caused by cold. So it is essential to lower the temperature when mixing the concrete in order to make sure of the good quality of construction project. A whole concrete cooling system is the best way to solve the problem.

Methods of Concrete Cooling

There are two usual ways for concrete cooling, ice water mixture cooling or adding ice when mixing the concrete. The former way is to put ice in mixing water and lower its temperature in advance. And the latter one is to put flake ice directly into agitator when mixing the concrete. Focusun's experienced technical team will choose the best way for you according to the condition on the site.

Components of Concrete Cooling System

In general, each concrete cooling system for mass concrete consists of the following components:

  1. Water chilling plant for the total amount of mixing water;
  2. Cold water tank with pumping station;
  3. Flake ice pant;
  4. Flake ice storage with fully automatic ice rake or screw and discharge system;
  5. Flake ice conveying & weighing system;
  6. Other combinations necessary for each construction site.

Focusun Concrete Cooling System

In order to optimize the user experience of clients, Focusun provides concrete cooling system and other related subsystems, including water chilling system, flake ice plant, automatic ice storage system and ice conveying and weighing equipments. Focusun meticulously designs every concrete cooling project solution to satisfy customers' needs.