In areas where ambient temperature is comparatively high, the period of using air conditioners is quite long in a year. The high electrical load caused by large central air-conditioning system and district cooling system is the main reason of power loads difference between peak and valley in high temperature period in summer. Dynamic ice storage system will help solve the problem efficiently.

Principle of Dynamic Ice Storage System

In the off-peak time of electricity consumption at night, the ice maker machine starts running and produces part or all refrigerating energy for air conditioner and store up in the form of ice. And in the peak time, refrigerating energy is released by the ice through melting. By using the electric power in off-peak period when the cost is lower, it is energy-efficient and more economical to run the air conditioning system.

With applying dynamic ice storage system, the refrigerant directly makes heat exchange with water and turns water into flocculent ice crystal, and the ice making and melting process does not need second round of heat exchange. Therefore, the energy efficiency of air conditioning system is enhanced greatly. Moreover, the aperture gap of flocculent ice crystal is larger than ice in solid state and it makes heat exchange with return water directly so that the power load can be saved a lot.

Focusun Dynamic Ice Storage System

After years of research, Focusun successfully designed dynamic ice storage system which can make efficient accumulation of cold. It produces ice with dynamic subcooled water and can control the thickness of the ice. Many advantages such as high heat exchanger efficiency, fast speed of ice making, compact arrangement of units and low energy consumption are highlighted.

Apart from designing the suitable dynamic ice storage system according to customers' requirements, Focusun technical team can also reconstruct the current refrigeration system of the building as to save construction and installation cost for clients.