During the off-peak time of electricity consumption, the ice is produced by ice maker machines and stored up in ice storage devices. Then the ice melts and releases cooling energy to meet the cooling requirements of the building in peak time. Therefore it dose not need to run the refrigeration equipment at peak time, shifting peak load to valley load and reducing the electricity network load and operating costs of refrigeration system.

Focusun dynamic ice storage system is widely used in central cooling project in many places such as office building, shopping mall, cinema, school, hotel, hospital, museum, airport and work shop in factories.

We recommend that you do a through research on detailed conditions of the site before designing a dynamic ice storage system.

Following are the factors to be considered in project design, just for your reference.

  • Time of using the air conditioning system (time both in daytime and at night);
  • Running time of dynamic ice storage system (working only at off-peak time or at both off-peak and peak load time);
  • Using dynamic ice storage system partly or completely to replace the air conditioning system;
  • Whether the customer already has refrigeration system (we can reform the current system to save your initial investment under some circumstances).

Compared with conventional refrigerating equipment, the initial investment of dynamic ice storage system is a little higher. However, if greatly taking advantage of the low electricity price at off-peak time, a huge amount of electricity fee will be saved and the extra investment can be taken back within 3 years.