The temperature needs to be controlled within a certain range of degree during concrete mixing process to avoid the crack forming after the concrete setting. Focusun concrete cooling system can lower the mixing temperature greatly, enhance the efficiency and improve the quality of concrete. Several parts including ice maker machine, water chiller plant and ice conveyer system work together to make sure of solving the temperature controlling issue in concrete mixing.

With years' project experience, Focusun develops mature concrete cooling system. Modular design makes it easy and convenient to move and maintain.

In order to provide customized solutions, we recommend that clients know clearly about their actual requirements.

If you have chosen a certain type of ice maker machine, we need to confirm the information with you.

  1. Details including cooling way, local power supply condition, type of refrigerant, ambient temperature and water temperature.
  2. Type of ice storage room and ice storage capacity.
  3. Type of ice conveyer system.
  4. The water-carrying capacity of water chiller and the inlet/outlet water temperature.

If you already know about the project site, we need more specific information.

  1. The temperature of sand, pebble and cement that need to be cooled down.
  2. The daily capacity of concrete needed to be cooled down.
  3. The inlet water temperature.
  4. The specific degree of temperature the concrete needs to meet after being cooled down.

Thanks to Focusun R&D center's effort, we can transform your specific needs into high-class products and superior systems, providing the most suitable turnkey solutions for you.